Wednesday, December 30, 2009


December 30, 1963
46 Years Ago

Some of the roughest tag team action of the winter is expected in the two top bouts that head up 1963's final professional wrestling card tonight at PARK CENTER.
The big number has THE KENTUCKIANS, BIG BOY BROWN and TINY ANDERSON, tackling bullies ALDO BOGNI and BRONCHO LUBICH for one hour, two-of-three falls. Meddlesome manager "COLONEL" HOMER O'DELL will be in the BOGNI / LUBICH corner.
The semi-windup affair pits the rugged German brother duo of KURT and KARL VON BRAUNER against the equally rough combo of IKE EAKINS and TARZAN TYLER. This match is set for forty-five minutes, also the best-of-three falls. TYLER and EAKINS will have to keep an eye peeled for the German's manager, "GENTLEMAN" SAUL WEINGROFF, who will accompany his men to the ring.
Newcomer ALEX MEDINA tops the prelim bouts with a one fall match against GEORGE "TWO TON" HARRIS.
The 8:15 opener has a pair of fast-moving midgets going at it. CHICO SANTANA and MAURICE CEMARD are the participants.

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