Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Let's be honest...has ANYONE done more for the professional wrestling business than


He may have some close rivals in specific areas, but, overall, I can think of no one who can top him 'across the board'.

We all know of some big names in the business who may have been more marketable, but when it came time to go to work, their matches were usually horrible, unless an opponent of FLAIR's caliber 'carried' them through the match.
After all, 'posing' only goes so far.

The common theme throughout FLAIR's career is RESPECT. The man truly respects the business, the wrestlers who went before him, the people who helped him in the business and the current workers who now carry the torch who put the business first. He strongly believes that NO ONE IN THE BUSINESS should be BIGGER THAN THE BUSINESS ITSELF.

And in return, he expects respect for what he has done for wrestling.

That's not asking too much.

He certainly has mine.


Slugging it out in the ring...

The matches with the Chief put FLAIR on the JCP map.

I'd love to know who is on the other end of this call.

"SLICK RIC FLAIR IS NO. 1" says the shirt he wears early in his JCP career.