Sunday, July 27, 2014

A TIP OF THE MASK... five great wrestling stars who each sold plenty of tickets for JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS and always gave the fans their money's worth...


He wrestled as a 'babyface' or as a 'heel'. Either way, the fans LOVED him, and so did the other wrestlers. A second generation wrestler. They'll never be another like him.

(Bill Soloweyko)

A main eventer for JCP in the 1960s, then lower card as his career come to a close. Stayed with the company after active ring work and was head of the ring crew.
A gentle giant of a man whom everyone liked.


Rich Landrum dubbed him 'The Dean of Professional Wrestling'. He could do it all---wrestle, book, promote. Johnny was at the top of the heap for CROCKETT PROMOTIONS for at least ten years, both as a single and tag partner. To state it bluntly, JOHNNY was THE MAN before there was a Flair.)

(Robert Windham)

Here's a man who did it all in the business, and regardless of what he did, he was over BIG TIME. The fans loved BJ---and loved to hate him when they were supposed to do so. Ask any wrestler who knows him, and I'm sure you will hear a great story about a guy who gave his all to the business.

(Adolfo Bresciano)

In JCP, held the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP with MR. WRESTLING (TIM WOODS). Top main eventer in whatever territory he worked. Was murdered in his Quebec home.