Friday, August 7, 2015


BELLE STARR makes her point to the hot crowd.

BARBARA and BELLE go at it while referee ANGELO MARTINELLI looks on.

BELLE got a kick out of this.
While just about every section of the country and every town in that section claims that they have the most rabid wrestling fans, few will argue the claim that the loudest and wildest of them all come from the Carolinas. What makes these fans so? Well, those wild and woolly matches that they are presented with week after week could be the reason.

A recent match between 'Blonde Venus' BARBARA NICHOLS and the saucy brunette, BELLE STARR, was an occasion for rejoicing as these two gals just plain don't like each other, and when they climbed through the ropes to do battle, the sparks really flew.

As actions and pictures speak louder than words - we will let the photos tell the story.

From a 1969 WRESTLING REVUE article by Gene Gordon.

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