Saturday, June 25, 2016


Near the end of his NWA run, #1 Paul Jones became the manager of the RUSSIAN ASSASSINS, a team put together, for the most part, to work a program against IVAN and NIKITA KOLOFF.

I liked them. The last old school hooded combo I really recall.

During their run, a bunch of whining fans, announcers and wrestlers claimed that PJ would hand his ASSASSIN # 2 the dreaded "foreign object," who would quickly load his mask (making sure that everyone in the immediate area, except the referee, saw it) and headbutt his opponent into the Twilight Zone for a quick pin.

The foreign object gimmick was far from original but even after decades of use by probably hundreds of hooded workers, it still created heat.


Please examine the provided photos and make up your own mind. I, for one, don't believe a FO was utilized. I'm sure it got hot wearing a mask and working under strong lights. RA #2 was probably just letting in a little fresh air when he fiddled with the red covering. (LOL)

Take a closer look...

Let's look again...

OK. Let's examine things and see what turns up...

Ref Teddy Long finds nothing. See, I told you PJ and the RA wouldn't stoop to such levels to win their matches.

I'm glad we got this cleared up.

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