Saturday, June 18, 2016


February 12, 1962

Two championships will be at stake tonight at the CHARLOTTE COLISEUM when one of the most ambitious wrestling programs ever staged here gets underway at 8:15.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION "Nature Boy" BUDDY ROGERS puts his coveted crown in the spotlight in a defense against the extremely rugged challenger JOHNNY VALENTINE.

The controversy between these two giants of the ring goes back a long while. VALENTINE is responsible for breaking the arm of ROGERS in a match last year, and the champ has not forgotten...nor forgiven.

UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION PAT O'CONNOR faces skilled SWEET DADDY SIKI, and his title is on the open market as well.

"It would be most ironic," grinned SIKI, "if I should emerge the winner." SIKI, who hails from Jamaica, claims he is in his best physical condition ever. The ebony panther claims to be unbeaten in the South.

Both title defenses will have stipulations of two-out-of-three falls with one hour time limits.

For variety, there is a ladies match sending FRAN GRAVETTE against the Mexican "boom boom" girl, RITA CORTEZ.

Tag team action will find the villainous brother duo of AL and DON GREENE against fan favorites BILL DROMO and HENRY PHILLIPS for the best-of-three-falls.

The immensely popular CHIEF BIG HEART will have his hands full with the rugged SWEDE HANSON.

Two men new to Charlotte, EDDIE AUGER and JOHNNY WEAVER, will face off.

Bombastic HANS SCHMIDT, a regular storm trooper in ring tactics, will oppose the incredible BILLY "Tarzan" DARNELL.

LENNY MONTANA and MARQUIS DEPARE slam in another action tiff.

Tickets are on sale at the NATIONAL HAT SHOP in downtown Charlotte and the Charlotte Coliseum box office.

Get there early for an autograph session with your favorite wrestling stars.

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