Friday, October 21, 2016


September 4, 1961
55 Years Ago

Eighteen wrestlers, including four girl grapplers, will make up the summer's biggest wrestling card at the CHARLOTTE COLISEUM tonight.

Heading the big LABOR DAY spectacular will be a tag team match that pits two teams noted for rough tactics and no regard for the rule book.
No doubt, one of the season's rowdiest bouts will occur when the German brother team of KURT and KARL VON BRAUNER meet THE MASKED MEDICS. 'Gentleman' SAUL WEINEGROFF will be in the corner of the Germans, as usual, displaying his managerial skills. THE MASKED MEDICS, who claim they were both kicked out of medical school for not following 'protocol,' say they will handle WEINEGROFF if he gets out of line. Both teams have cut paths in tag team avenues since coming here, so something's gotta give in the best-of-three falls clash.

The co-main event will also pack a wallop tonight as fan favorite CHIEF BIG HEART meets the rugged JOHNNY VALENTINE, also set for two-out-of-three falls.

Then come the girls as BABS WINGO and LULA MAE PROVO take on PEARL BATES and RAMONA ISABEL in tag team action.
Yet another tag encounter has GEORGE BECKER teaming with New Zealander ABE JACOBS against LAVERNE BAXTER and TOMMY O'TOOLE.

'DR.' EDDIE GRAHAM will face Oriental P.Y. CHUNG, and the 8:15 opener sends RAY VILLMER against GYPSY JOE.

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