Saturday, December 10, 2016


A vampire is a fictional being...or is it?

MID-ATLANTIC WRESTLING fans might have disagreed back in 1972. Some might have been convinced there was a vampire-like wrestler in JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS who got as much pleasure drawing blood from his opponents as Count Dracula himself.

The wrestler was ROCK HUNTER.

MR. HUNTER enjoyed making two men in JCP suffer more than any others...KLONDIKE BILL and NELSON ROYAL.

"KLONDIKE 'FATSO' BILL and 'COWGIRL' NELSON are my two favorite victims," said HUNTER (not me). "Why? Because they're the easiest. They don't have a brain between them. Wrestling them is like having a night off."

Fans (including me) would disagreed. I loved BILL and NELLIE.

ROCK would continue boasting, "I'd wrestle them both in a handicap match, but none of the promoters would allow it...I had to get a partner, so I picked my friend MATTI SUZUKI. We got our match in Asheville, N.C."

NELSON and KLONDIKE before the start of the Asheville, N.C. match.

"SUZUKI took care of the Alaskan goof, so I could concentrate on ROYAL, my victim of the evening. I beat on him until he could no longer stand."...ROCK HUNTER

"Then I applied my 'squeeze' hold on that Texas noggin'. I squeezed and squeezed until..."

"his head popped open like a melon. Oh, it was beautiful. That cowgirl never knew what hit him."

Maybe ROCK HUNTER couldn't count that night, but the referee could. And when ROCK refused to break his 'squeeze' hold at five, he and partner SUZUKI were disqualified, and KLONDIKE BILL and NELSON ROYAL were the winners that Asheville night.

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