Friday, December 30, 2016


November 13, 1961
55 Years Ago

A resumption of the big feud between CHIEF BIG HEART and RIP HAWK headlines a four-bought wrestling program tonight at PARK CENTER.

The Indian chief and "The Profile" met last week in a strange bout that never even got started, officially, that is.

The two began fighting just as soon as both reached the ring, and the referee never rang the bell. Not being able to get the participants into the ring for their instructions, the official had no choice but to call it a NO CONTEST, even though HEART and HAWK beat each other to bloody pulps on the arena floor.

Falls count anywhere in the building for tonight's battle, so fighting outside the ring will be permitted. The man first to win two falls will be the winner.

The evening's tag team affair will send the popular duo of HENRY PHILLIPS and BILLY PARKS squaring off against the rugged masked combo of THE MEDICS. This one is set for the best-of-three falls within a 45-minute time limit.

DON McCLARITY heads up the prelim bouts in a scuffle with GYPSY JOE, and the 8:15 opener finds LENNY MONTANA facing TINKER TODD.

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