Wednesday, February 22, 2017


April 22, 1963
54 Years Ago

Special terms will be in effect tonight when CHIEF BIG HEART and THE GREAT BOLO are rematched again in a wrestling feature at the LEXINGTON YMCA.

THE GREAT BOLO, wrestling's hooded menace, has agreed, for this match only, to remove his mask in the ring if he loses the match, no matter how it might happen.

Last Saturday, he lost his second match within a month to the big Indian, but again through a disqualification.

BIG HEART was busted open during the melee, and BOLO's yellow mask was stained red, himself cut badly.

In the past, BOLO has agreed to unmask if he lost two falls by pinfall or submission, and that's it. Tonight, it will be different, and the best-of-three falls match has a NO DISQUALIFICATION clause added anyway.
However, if BOLO is counted out of the ring, that would constitute losing a fall, and the mask must come off.

"I know I am a better wrestler than this redskin. He's a tough competitor, I'll give him that, but no one is a better wrestler than I am," shouted THE GREAT BOLO. "I am that confident of a victory that I have baited the CHIEF back into the ring by putting my mask on the line if he can beat me two falls in any manner. He can't and I'll prove it. It's probably the last chance for the wrestling fans to see the Indian wrestler, because I'm going to hurt the man really bad."

ANGELO MARTINELLI and BOB BOYER, a new winning tag team, will meet TERRY GARVIN and MARK STONE in a two-out-of-three falls semifinal.

Other matches send JACK BERNARD against European star BOB NANDOR, and CHARLIE LAYE will face JACK MARSHALL.

Belltime is 8:15.

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