Monday, February 20, 2017


February 12, 1966
51 Years Ago

What were the LOS ANGELES RAMS doing in LEXINGTON last Saturday night?

The truth of the matter is...they were wrestling...and they're going to do it again tonight.

Professional NFL teammates DON CHUY and JOE CAROLLO, who wowed fans at the LEXINGTON YMCA, will return for more ring action tonight in a featured two-out-of-three falls tag team main event.

CHUY and COROLLO, who play side-by-side in the LOS ANGELES RAMS line and who use body blocks and other gridiron tactics in their matches, will meet wrestling's "BLONDE BOMBERS" - RIP HAWK and SWEDE HANSON.

Hawk has stated that these "boys" need to stick to football and leave wrestling - a tough sport - to "men."

The other tag team match of the night pits GEORGE and SANDY, THE FLYING SCOTTS, against the bald-headed bullies SKULL MURPHY and BRUTE BERNARD. This will be a renewal of a grudge rivalry of long-standing. This one's set for the best-of-three falls as well.

Two singles matches are set as STEVE BOLUS, a fan favorite, takes on the rugged JIM GRABMIRE, and young ALEX MEDINA takes on tough guy JOHNNY HEIDEMAN.

Action begins at 8:15.

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