Saturday, March 4, 2017


May 11, 1968

49 Years Ago

"THE FLYING SCOTT BROTHERS" GEORGE and SANDY, have decided that it's time someone puts an end to the destruction caused by the masked duo of THE INFERNOS.

And they will get their chance tonight when the SCOTT BROTHERS meet THE INFERNOS in the middle of the ring in the headline wrestling contest at the LEXINGTON YMCA.

THE INFERNOS, the bullies managed by J.C. DYKES, have been causing lots of problems for lots of wrestlers since coming to this wrestling area. DYKES is one problem, constantly interfering in his men's matches. The other is the controversial wrestling boot worn by one of the masked men. Many wrestlers are claiming that there is something, other than a foot, in that boot.

GEORGE and SANDY SCOTT are cautiously optimistic about tonight's two-out-of-three falls match. "These guys wear masks, keeping their identities secret. We don't know why. But we have to admit that these men are great wrestlers. Add in their constant rule breaking, and DYKES' involvement in their's going to be tough. But we face tough teams all the time. We'll be ready. And who knows, maybe we'll get an opportunity to get our hands on that boot and maybe even find out who these INFERNOS are by removing their masks. We're sure going to give it our best."

Another best-of-three falls tag match sends the popular duo of THE AMAZING ZUMA and LES THATCHER against tough BULL JOHNSON and Russia's NIKITA MULKOVICH.

A favorite of the wrestling fans, BOB NANDOR meets rugged veteran JOHNNY HEIDEMAN.

JACK RICO challenges local star SONNY FARGO in the 8:15 opening contest.

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