Monday, July 10, 2017


September 10, 1966

51 Years Ago

A LUMBERJACK MATCH has been scheduled to see if two top wrestling tag teams, TEX McKENZIE and NELSON ROYAL on one side, the MASKED RED DEMONS on the other, can settle their differences at the LEXINGTON YMCA tonight.

Six other wrestlers will spot themselves around the ring to prevent any runouts of any type taken by the RED DEMONS two weeks ago.

The Texas duo won that match on a count out. Tonight's main event is set for two-out-of-three falls within a one-hour time limit.

Huge Alaskan KLONDIKE BILL, with lumberjack experience, will join forces with fast-moving New Zealander ABE JACOBS to meet behemoths GEORGE 'TWO TON' HARRIS and BIG BOY BLONDELL in another best-of-three falls contest.

A special event will send girl wrestlers TONI ROSE and DIXIE JORDAN against one another in what should be a crowd-pleasing event.

Newcomer DON KENT, who debuted here last week, meets CORSICA JEAN in a singles bout, kicking off the card at 8:15.

KLONDIKE, JACOBS, HARRIS, BLONDELL, KENT and JEAN will serve as the six lumberjacks during the headliner.

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