Tuesday, July 4, 2017


July 18, 1968

49 Years Ago

The summer of 1968 was a great season for Statesville, N.C. Crockett wrestling fans. Three outdoor cards were promoted by the Community Baseball organization, and the weather cooperated for them all.

This was the second wrestling show of the three.

As per usual, my rump was parked in my $2.00 metal ringside chair to see...

Bob Nandor win over Alex Medina

Pancho Valdez in a rare victory, this time over Bobby Nichols

Abe Jacobs and the Amazing Zuma besting Tinker Todd and Johnny Heideman


the George "Two Ton" Harris duo of Broncho Lubich and Aldo Bogni drop their second straight Statesville match, this one to fan favorites Nelson Royal and Paul Jones.

(Bogni, Lubich and Harris had been disqualified in their June 20th Statesville match against Zuma and Mr. Wrestling.)

Statesville, then known as "The City of Progress" was not proving to be a great town for these three scalawags, but they would return the following month in the summer's final wrestling program.

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