Tuesday, August 1, 2017


December 5, 1964
53 Years Ago

A SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH, growing out of a disputed finish of a tag battle last week, features tonight's wrestling card at the LEXINGTON YMCA, kicking off at 8:15.

GEORGE BECKER, who served as referee last week after the assigned official was injured and who was involved in the final fall, will join last week's winners THE KENTUCKIANS, TINY ANDERSON and BIG BOY BROWN, to form one team. The two angry losers of the same match, BRUTE BERNARD and SKULL MURPHY, will be joined by THE BRUTE to form what should be one of the roughest trios ever to enter the Lexington ring.

The battle will go for the best two-out-of-three falls with a one hour time limit.

Girl wrestlers PENNY BANNER and MARGIE RAMSEY will square off in a special attraction.

The opening match sends GEORGE "TWO TON" HARRIS against young DOUG GILBERT.

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