Tuesday, August 29, 2017


November 4, 1967

50 Years Ago

Top quality matches should pull in another large crowd for tonight's professional wrestling card at the LEXINGTON YMCA.

The current SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, GEORGE BECKER and JOHNNY WEAVER, will clash with the rugged duo PAMPERO FIRPO and THE MISSOURI MAULER in a best-of-three falls explosion, set for a one-hour time limit.

Neither the team title nor WEAVER's recently-acquired SOUTHERN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP (which he took from the MAULER) is at stake, but exciting action is expected, and a FIRPO / MAULER win would guarantee them a championship match in the near future. Neither team has any positive feelings for one another, so anything could happen.

Another top tag battle with spectator appeal matches the prize Indian combo of BOBBY RED CLOUD and CHIEF LITTLE EAGLE against super bullies BRONCHO LUBICH and ALDO BOGNI. The Indians are on a current win streak in Lexington, one their opponents would like to stop dead in its tracks. This is two-of-three falls with a forty-five minute time limit.

Two singles matches are also set for tonight.

George 'TWO TON' HARRIS hopes to splash young, good-looking ALEX MEDINA and JERRY LONDON challenges the crafty veteran 'BULLDOG' LEE HENNING in the 8:15 p.m. opener.

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