Sunday, September 10, 2017


August 4, 1958
59 Years Ago

They're going to settle something, and someone is likely to get hurt really bad when ERNIE DUSEK takes on THE GREAT BOLO for the third straight week in the feature bout of tonight's PARK CENTER wrestling card, presented by promoter JIM CROCKETT.

The reason for the possible injuries - - this time the two roughnecks will go at each other under TEXAS DEATH MATCH rules. This means that the two vicious veterans will battle each other until one hollers "I'VE HAD ENOUGH," or one is injured and unable to continue.

"Falls will not count, and it's strictly dog-eat-dog," says CROCKETT. There will be NO DISQUALIFICATION - - such as the match that ended last week when it appeared that DUSEK would unmask the hooded BOLO. The match two weeks back ended in a one-hour draw with falls equal. Both bouts ended in blood flowing from both opponents. Tonight's clash may not be for the squeamish.

Three other bouts make up the card.

The main prelim pairs CYCLONE ANAYA and GORY GUERRERO in a tag team match against ANTONE LEONE and FRNAK JARES. The scrap is set for one hour and two-of-three falls.

There is a styled-for-action singles contest which has popular GEORGE BECKER facing HANS SCHNABEL, the barrel-chested veteran from Milwaukee. It's carded for one fall and 45 minutes.

The 8:15 opener sends NICK ROBERTS against 'Crybaby' BOB CORBY for one fall and 30 minutes. ROBERTS is the handsome Atlanta grappler who gave WORLD CHAMPION DICK HUTTON such a tough bout here two months ago.

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