Friday, December 1, 2017


September 7, 1959

58 Years Ago

Eighteen wrestlers make up one of the biggest wrestling cards in the history of Charlotte grappling tonight in the LABOR DAY mat card at the CHARLOTTE COLISEUM. It promises to be a memorable evening.

The huge holiday card consists of three tag matches, one of which matches six wrestlers, and two single scraps.

Headlining the card is the SIX MAN setto, with the Jap trio of MR. MOTO, DUKE KEOMUKA and SUIGI taking on ruffians LARRY 'CRUSHER' HAMILTON, THE GREAT BOLO and PAT O'HARA. None of these men respects the rule book, so the best-of-three falls encounter is bound to be an explosive skirmish.

The semi-final beings in four colored girls for tag action. One team has BABS WINGO and MARVA SCOTT with the opposition being furnished by CAT WINBLEY and ETHEL JOHNSON.

Then comes a pair of singles tussels, one sending crowd favorite GEORGE BECKER against STEVE BOLUS and the other pairing DICK STEINBORN against DANNY MERCE.

The third tag battle will open the card at 8:15 and pairs JOHNNY HEIDEMAN and JACK DONOVAN to fight CYCLONE ANAYA and JOHN FOTI.

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