Friday, May 25, 2018



No Disqualification...No Time Limit. Falls don't count. The winner is determined only when one team is unable to continue.

Just consider climbing into the wrestling ring to face any of these individuals...not me!

But imagine, after pairing them up, these four would go at it until the opposing team was beaten down so badly they couldn't go any more.

That's exactly what happened one wrestling night in 1972 in GREENVILLE, S.C.

At this point, GENE ANDERSON has RIP HAWK in a compromising situation.

Big SWEDE HANSON evens things up.

The match now taking its toll on everyone.

Especially RIP (that 'Profile' may be changed permanently).

But as HARLEY RACE stated at NWA FANFEST 2007, "Pound for pound, RIP HAWK was as tough as anyone who was ever in the wrestling business."

ART NELSON took a beating as well.
Referee SAM 'LUCKY' ROBERTS looks on.

GENE GORDON witnessed the match and gave the following account..."I believe this TEXAS DEATH MATCH was the roughest, most vicious and bloody match I had seen in many years, and I go all the way back to the likes of COWBOY LUTTRELLDANNY McSHANE and STRANGLER BOB WAGNER. There was not a lot of wrestling. It was more like something out of the days of the Roman gladiators who battled to the death. No one paid any attention to any of the normal rules. The referee was knocked down several times and thrown to the floor once. He wanted to stop the match but couldn't under the stipulations. All four wrestlers looked like they had been run through a sausage grinder. They were so exhausted they could hardly leave the ring at the end. I saw one woman faint and a few others left in disgust, unable to stand the brutality and gore. I know I'll never forget it."

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