Friday, June 29, 2018


July 7, 1958

60 Years Ago

                      CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA

The return of the infamous masked man of wrestling, the GREAT BOLO, will headline the wrestling program set for tonight at PARK CENTER.

The GREAT BOLO, the vicious masked man who has withstood all efforts to defeat and / or unmask him, has been matched tonight against GORY GUERRERO.

The handsome GUERRERO was BOLO's first victim in Charlotte some two months ago, and GORY has been aching for a rematch ever since. He'll get one hour and two-out-of-three falls to gain revenge.

Also getting co-feature status is a best-of-three-falls, one-hour tag match with Indian stars BILLY TWO RIVERS and CHIEF DON EAGLE taking on ruffians IKE EAKINS and HANS SCHNABEL.

Promoter JIM CROCKETT figures this one to produce some of the wildest and wooliest tag team action seen here in months.

The prelim card has two singles bouts, with one sending fan favorite 'IRISH' MIKE CLANCY lowering the boom against 'BAD' BOB CORBY.

The opening contests matches GYPSY JOE against TINKER TODD. Neither of these men respect the rules of wrestling, so anything could happen in this one.

The first bout in the AIR-CONDITIONED PARK CENTER gets underway at 8:15 p.m.

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