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June 2, 1967

The Card...

The Results...
Another summer came to Statesville, and like the previous year, I could be found in my $2.00 ringside seat (on this night, the front row - - you know, Peggy Lathan-type seats).

And what a way to kick off the wrestling summer - - THE INFERNOS were on the card!

I've written many times how J.C. DYKES and THE INFERNOS have always been at the top of my list of all-time favorite tag teams, and here I was, just a few feet away from them.

And something bizarre happened on this night. Refer to the results clipping. It mentions that prior to the main event, a local citizen was arrested for throwing a cup of water on THE INFERNOS. This needs some clarification.

What really happened is as follows: Just as DYKES and his boys came around the ring to climb up the steps into the ring (the steps were on the side of the ring where I was seated), this bafoon, who was sitting at the end of the front row, jumped up from his chair, and threw a large cup of Coca-Cola (not water as the article states) in the face of J.C. DYKES (not THE INFERNOS). DYKES was wearing a blue paisley tuxedo jacket, and it was soaked with the soft drink, as was J.C.'s face.

The idiot then takes off running towards center field of the baseball stadium in which the event was being held. Obviously, he hadn't thought his escape plan through, as there was NO EXIT anywhere in the entire outfield, only a wooden fence, probably eight feet high, of which he had NO CHANCE of scaling.

Both of the masked men immediately took off after the goof, which must have been difficult for THE INFERNO wearing the built-up boot. Nevertheless, they tackled the guy close to dead center field and began punching him mercilessly.

J.C. was close behind, and upon his arrival on the scene, began swinging the metal canteen (which was on a cloth strap) and landed several hard blows on the guy.

A few seconds later, the off-duty Statesville policemen working security made their way to the area, and they cuffed the instigator and walked him all the way back to the infield, straight out of the stadium to the hoosegow, where I'm sure he spent the night as a guest of the city.

I felt badly for J.C. on this hot night because he then had to work the match covered in sticky Coke syrup, but like the pro he was, he did.

It was a great night, and I soon discovered that a few weeks later, THE INFERNOS would return to Statesville to face a team who broke as many rules as they did.

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