Tuesday, August 28, 2018


TERRY KAY feels the wrath of KURT VON STEIGER.

LES THATCHER applies a headlock on RIP HAWK. That's referee ANGELO MARTINELLI, with THATCHER's partner JOHNNY RINGO in the background.

Referee TOMMY YOUNG looks as PAUL JONES applies a hammerlock on RIC FLAIR at CHARLOTTE's PARK CENTER.

A rare sight---referee SAM 'LUCKY' ROBERTS raises the hands of EL GAUCHO and TINKER TODD in victory.

P.Y. CHUNG has GEORGE BECKER at his mercy.

INFERNOS manager J.C. DYKES asks a poor fellow to check his shoe size.

JOHNNY WEAVER and DORY FUNK JR. battle for the NWA WORLD title.

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