Sunday, May 26, 2019


June 13, 1964

55 Years Ago

Wrestling fans will be treated to plenty of tag team action tonight at the LEXINGTON YMCA as matches include both heavyweight and midget stars.

Topping the card tonight is HAYSTACK CALHOUN, the world's biggest wrestler, and his speedy young partner JOHNNY WEAVER.

They will be matched against the brutal team of SKULL MURPHY and BRUTE BERNARD in a best-of-three falls rematch between the two duos.

These four fought it out last Saturday night in a thriller won by CALHOUN and WEAVER. The skin-headed combo of BERNARD and MURPHY, not satisfied with how they lost, asked for another shot. (Actually, MURPHY did the asking as the BRUTE doesn't do much talking.)

Midgets and heavyweights combine on teams in the semi-final. Heavyweight ALEX MEDINA will work with little FRENCHIE SEMARD, and they will oppose little guy CHICO SANTANA and his heavyweight partner PAT O'BRIEN.

Singles action sends TIM WOODS against JOE TOMASSA, with CHRIS AVEROFF tangling with SONNY FARGO in the 8:15 opener.

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