Saturday, December 19, 2015


On November 3, 2007, in Rocky Mount, Virginia, a tribute was held to celebrate the wrestling career of the man who, more than ANYONE else, was synonymous with the terms MID-ATLANTIC CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING and JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS...


Johnny getting the better of a long-time ring nemesis...George 'Two Ton' Harris.

Weaver in ring action.

Johnny's pin of Gene Anderson thwarted by 'brother' Lars Anderson.

Johnny shows Ole Anderson the quickest way to the mat.

THE MAN and me

JOHNNY WEAVER...the wrestling world will never have another like him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


June 23, 1969
46 Years Ago

There may be occasion to pin a wrestler anywhere in the PARK CENTER building tonight.

A SIX MAN TAG TEAM rematch between all three of the ANDERSON BROTHERS (LARS, GENE and OLE) and their foes, PAUL JONES and the SCOTT BROTHERS (GEORGE and SANDY), has been contracted.

Because of wild romps their last time out, it has been decided that the referee can make his count either inside or outside of the ring.

"We'll catch them any way or any where we can," promises SANDY SCOTT, speaking for his team, the winner's last Monday night. "We'll play the ANDERSONs' game---and beat them at it!"

The FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match is for the best-of-three falls within a one-hour time limit.

Young BOBBY SHANE will tangle with veteran TOM BRADLEY, bushy-haired and rough from the opening bell, in the semi-final event.

JOHNNY HEIDEMAN, a fellow who loves to spend his off hours on a handball court, takes on RON CHARLES, a newcomer, in the 8:15 opening match.