Tuesday, March 8, 2016


"Time stands still for no man..."
It's part of life. And none of us will get out of here alive.
A large number of the JIM CROCKETT PROMOTIONS cast of characters of the last fifty years are no longer with us, but they left their trail and countless memories for all of us who plopped down our money for a wrestling ticket...

DANNY MILLER puts a boot to the noggin' of a pre-JOHN STUDD - then CHUCK O'CONNOR (deceased).

Has THE GREAT BOLO (TOM RENESTO-deceased) met his match in STEVE KOVACS (deceased)?

A young BOBBY SHANE (deceased) has HIRO MATSUDA (deceased) in a painful hammerlock.

Two wrestling generations - BOB ORTON JR. and 'BIG' BOB ORTON SR. (deceased).

ART NELSON (deceased) pulls at the mask of THE MENACE (could it have really been LARS ANDERSON under the hood?) as referee ANGELO MARTINELLI (deceased) looks on.

Two of my favorites go at it with NELSON ROYAL (deceased) about to lay one on GEORGE 'TWO TON' HARRIS (deceased).

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