Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The SCOTTS meet the FARGOS

June 25, 1960

World Championship Wrestling, literally, comes to the LEXINGTON YMCA this weekend when two famous brother tag teams battle in the feature contest on a four match card this Saturday evening.

GEORGE and SANDY SCOTT, recently crowned as the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, will battle the rowdy blonde-headed JACKIE and SONNY FARGO in the best two-out-of-three falls main event.

The FARGO BROTHERS won the crack at the tag team title with their second straight victory over JERRY MILLER and HENRY PHILLIPS here last Saturday night.

The SCOTT BROTHERS, a popular duo of Canadians, wrestled the title away from BILL LONGSTON and THE MIGHTY ATLAS recently. The new champs are returning to LEXINGTON after a lengthy absence.

Two big stars, PAT O'HARA and MAN MOUNTAIN EVANS meet in this week's semi-final match.

JERRY MILLER will face RAY ANDREWS in one prelim, and the veteran CHUCK GARIBALDI takes on JIMMY SMITH in the 8:15 opening encounter.

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